Obama Fears McCain

Of course, the AP spins it as Obama, McCain camps spar over debates

One day after Obama secured the Democratic nomination earlier this month, McCain offered to hold at least 10 joint town hall meetings until the Democrats’ national convention in August.

But Obama campaign manager David Plouffe offered Friday to hold one town hall meeting on the economy in July and one debate on foreign policy in August, in addition to the three debates traditionally held in the fall before the November election.

One town hall. On the Fourth of July. You know, when everyone is out of town and drunk and no one is actually watching TV.

The McCain campaign said it was planning a town hall meeting in Minnesota next Thursday and invited Obama to attend it.

In my circles, “inviting” would mean “called out.”

“We will hold time on our schedule for joint town halls every Thursday night until the Democratic convention,” said McCain campaign manager Rick Davis.

“I hope Senator Obama would reconsider his position and agree to join Senator McCain as early as next week,” he said.

I’m sure he added, “if he can get his wife to let him stay out late on a weeknight.”

No teleprompter, NObama.


  1. nottydreads says:

    Gimme a day to clean the coffee and oatmeal off my monitor and k-board and I’ll try to come up with a more serious retort for that comedic massapiece you just posted about SOMEBODY being “skeered” of the VOCAL STYLINGS of….. 🙂 …(I can’t even SAY it)…(…but u’r good, tho…)

  2. Phelps says:

    Declining is the smartest thing Obama could do. Town halls could only hurt him. The myth of Obama is much stronger than the reality, and the myth dies a little every time he is off script.

    Of course, if Obama could avoid campaigning for the rest of the cycle that would be ideal for him.

  3. Bad says:

    Again, reading into this tells us far more about you than either of the candidates. Presumed frontrunners/stronger candidates always agree to less debates, underdogs want more. When you’re already at an advantage, its simply not in your interest to hand your opponent more free media and chances to shake things up than they can already afford on their own. The exact same thing would happen if McCain were the presumed front-runner. And Democrats would be the one blustering about how McCain is scared of Obama.

  4. tvd says:

    Where did you get the Fourth of July from? That’s not what the article says, and town-hall debates are being held on Thursdays, right? The first Thursday in July is the 3rd.

    Even if you consider the 3rd part of that Fourth of July, as it’s part of the beginning of the long weekend, I don’t see support for the proposition that Obama or his campaign selected the 4th of July as a date.

  5. Phelps says:


    The dates that Obama’s camp proposed are not the same as the McCain only Thr town halls that McCain already has scheduled.