Bad Form

So now “Fox & Friends” is photoshoping images of NYT reporters? Stupid and unprofessional.  That is the only thing that comes to mind.  Given all the complaints about unprofessional Obama coverage, you should be minding your Ps and Qs.  Instead, you feed into this opinion.

You want a comedy show with no credibility like the Onion or Colbert?  Then do one.  But don’t pull shit like this on news stories.  Either the images I am seeing on my screen are trustworthy or not.  I expect these sorts of shenanigans from the AP or from USA Today, but not from you.  Much more, and I’ll lump you into the same group.


  1. Phleps, I’m trying to tell you Fox News is not news. I’m not saying they are racist, but they don’t mind if racists tune in from time to time. They’re getting worse.

  2. Jacques Steinberg’s nose exploded. Good grief. That wasn’t even subtle.