Ending Moderate Drinking Tied To Depression


Scientific evidence has long suggested that moderate drinking offers some protection against heart disease, certain types of stroke and some forms of cancer.

But new research shows that stopping drinking — including at moderate levels — may lead to health problems including depression and a reduced capacity of the brain to produce new neurons, a process called neurogenesis.

That’s it.  I’m buying this, and I’m opening a Flex medical spending account, and I’m charging my beer back to it.

Anyone know a good package shop that handles kegs and a gas vendor that does one-off CO2 in Dallas?  (I should probably call some old paintball buddies on the CO2 supply.)


  1. mexigogue says:

    The biggest danger in quitting drinking (IMO) is the possibility of becoming the Sanctimonious Ex-Drunk like JD on The Russ Martin Show. My favorite was when he tried to have an intervention with Russ on the air and Russ ended up reversing the intervention and almost got JD to start drinking again!

  2. All this flavanoid talk, and now this? I don’t know what to do. I’m going with the French on this one. Bring on the red.