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Palin at the Convention

This is my humble suggestion for Palin’s exit music.

Cleanup on Aisle 1

It just occurred to me… if (knock on wood) Palin becomes vice president of the United States, that will make her President of the Senate.  With Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

That’s at least two years of epic awesome.

John McCain / Palin 08


I have a theory.  Every so often, in modern history, the world decides that fascism is a dandy idea, and starts putting fascists in power all over the world.  We like to think that WW2 was democracy versus fascism, but in reality, Roosevelt and Stalin and Churchill were fascists just like Hitler and Mussolini and the Japanese Emperor, but with better PR.  You couldn’t vote for anyone who wasn’t a fascist, and it looks like we are in that position again.  The best we can do is vote for the least fascist candidate and hope it cycles away without a world war.  Barack Obama is not the least fascist candidate.

Ask Admiral Ackbar, He’ll tell you

I’ve heard a couple of themes that may end up biting the DNC in the ass by the time the RNC is over.  Those two themes are 9.11 and Katrina.

Katrina is the one that is most likely, and you can blame the weather.  Specifically, Gustav.  The DNC has tried to make a lot of hay from the “Federal” government not doing anything in Katrina.  (Actually, they did quite a bit, but not as fast or as, uh, caringly as people demanded.)  The problem is, it is the state’s responsibility.  Blanco and Nagin dropped the ball.  Now, Jindal is in charge, and Nagin has learned his lesson.  I think Nagin is incompetent, but he isn’t evil.  He isn’t going to let his people sit in a flood again for a political point.  If Gustav doesn’t hit NOLA (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t) then the prep that still happens will be pointed at.  If it does, then everyone should be praying for NOLA, and Republicans should be praying double-hard.

The other thing is 9.11 and Gitmo.  The narrative is perfect on that one.  The Democrats want to end our military response and go with a police enforcement style.  Let’s imagine that, ladies and gentlemen.  Suppose you have a new president who only about a year into his term.  He receives word that the World Trade Center has been attacked by terrorists.  He has two choices — he can start a military response, or he can let the FBI handle it like “any other crime”.  Imagine what would happen if he treated it like “any other crime.”

Actually, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have to imagine that.  It happened.  It happened when President Clinton began his first term in 1993.  President Clinton treated as a police matter.  President Clinton let the FBI handle it.  By 1997, the police were happy with what they had done.  Six men had been convicted, and President Clinton washed his hands of it.  We all know what happened, seven years later.  The terrorists who were actually behind the attack sat back in Afghanistan, and planned the next attack.

We didn’t treat it like a police matter since then, and we won’t in the future.  Instead of plotting another attack on America, the terrorists responsible have been scrambling for thier own survival, and often failing at that.  Instead of putting six men in prison in America where they can communicate through go-betweens with their masters overseas and recruit more people into their rings, they have been sequestered and isolated in Cuba where they can do no more harm to America.  The police method was tried, and failed.  The military method was tried, and succeeded.

Are the Republicans that smart?  We Repubicans don’t call it the Stupid Party for nothing.


Perhaps some of you may be familiar with my, “yes, there are still racists out there, but they are poor, stupid and powerless” line? Case in point. These idiots were initially reported as being in a plot to shoot Obama.  Now, it turns out that they were stupid, poor, racist asshole methhead drunks.  Funny thing is, racist methhead drunks say stupid shit to piss people off, and one of these idiots apparently proved it.

I’m glad that Obama is safe and that these criminals are off the street.

Double Standards