Double Standards


  1. Jazzy says:

    Who said it was Ok? I read the post and I did not see anyone condoning the use of the word Uncle Tom in the article but the opposite. So your point would be? What would Phelps like to have seen happen label the as a racist. Let me tell you this the “R” for white people is the equivalent as the “N” word for black people as you can’t relate to being called a nigger I and most other black people can’t relate to being called a racist. So as I hear so often among the white blogosphere black people should not let the word affect them or have so much power over them, maybe the same advice should play here. The lady challenged the person who called her an Uncle Tom she called him on his behavior what more did you want to see where is the double standard?

  2. Phelps says:

    Spend some time in Booker Rising’s comments, for example, and you’ll see it thrown around freely. For that matter, just flip this one around. Let’s say, oh, Boyd Richie from the Texas Democrats called a white Obama delegate a N-lover. Do you think that might get more press coverage than a single article? The fact that it is pretty much an “also ran” speak volumes of how it is not only a “tsk-tsk” offense, but also that the media is 90% in the tank for Obama.

    And racist isn’t a very good analogue. There are real racists, and we don’t want to turn that word into a hate taboo. Redneck is a better comparison. And yes, I’m starting to get sensitive to people using the word.

  3. Jazzy says:

    “Racist isn’t a good analogue”

    You are equating calling someone an “N”-lover which is blatantly racist with calling some one an Uncle Tom which is also racial. There is the difference between the two none whatsoever, they are both racist ignorant statements.

    So your overall problem was that the MSM did not pick up this and use it against the Obama camp because the person was his supporter so he obviously speaks for Obama, right?

  4. Jazzy says:

    Like I said Phelps I guess because I am aganist gays adpoting children then that must mean the media should take issue with Obama because of my personal views. You can not STOP what other people do or think it is called individuality. Not everyone of my close and personal friends agree with my positions or political views does that mean when I run for a church office I should have them vetted before I am elected. PPPUUUULLLLLEEEZZZZ

  5. Phelps says:

    You know who your crazy racist friends are, and I know who my crazy racist friends are. If either of us were to run for office, we would know to keep a short leash on them.

  6. Non sequitur, much?

    But to answer your question NEITHER is okay. Just because some black people say it does not make it right or less offensive. You just don’t see the protests all over CNN.


  7. Phelps says:

    I don’t think comparing an insult that black people reserve for other blacks who are too friendly with white people for their tastes to an insult that white people reserve for other whites who are too friendly with black people for their tastes to be a non sequitur.

    And I agree that neither is OK. American black culture as a whole doesn’t seem to agree. (Or at least seems to be at about where white people were in the early 70s on the issue.)

  8. Perhaps we are misunderstanding the meaning of the terms. An ‘Unlce Tom’ is not in reference to a black person who is ‘too friendly with white people.’

    An ‘Uncle Tom’ connotes something more akin to a traitor or someone who has ‘sold his soul’ to fit in. IMO. Its really an ugly term. I don’t agree anyone should use it.

  9. Phelps says:

    Perhaps we are deluding ourselves because no one likes to confront his own racist tendencies. An “Uncle Tom” is a “traitor” because he likes and acts like “white” people.

  10. Siditty says:


    As a woman who is black as all get out, and really friendly with white people, aka I actually lay up in bed with a white man every night, I take offense to your definition of “Uncle Tom”. I have managed in my time to be called many things, but Uncle Tom isn’t one of them. Ironically white people have told me I am “really not black” because I don’t talk and “act” like “regular” black people. They always seem to get nervous when I ask them what “regular” black people are.

  11. Phelps says:

    I always thought of regular black people as people who didn’t “talk and act like ‘regular’ black people”.

  12. Siditty says:

    Yay for stereotypes……not