Spanish Inquisition, Anyone?

The definition of a tautology:

“We weren’t suggesting in any way he was using race as an issue,” Plouffe said of McCain, though he didn’t explain how Obama’s words could be taken any other way. He also declined to engage speculation that McCain was responding so forcefully to highlight Obama’s race.

“I really can’t speak to the McCain campaign’s motives,” he said.

A prominent Obama backer, Alabama Rep. Artur Davis, however, suggested an ulterior motive to McCain’s grievance.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s offensive and you have to wonder if there is a double motive for it,” he said, suggesting McCain was, in appearing to defend himself, trying to use race against Obama.

Okay, so now, if someone out of the blue says that you are about to get racist any second, and you get angry at that… it means that you are a racist? By all means, Obama campaign, full speed ahead. I’m sure that message will resonate with white Americans.

So if Fox News runs a banner that calls Barack Michelle’s baby’s daddy, then that is racist, but when Barack says “he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills” that has nothing to do with race? Riiiiight.

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