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Epic Awesome

Ron White is my new hero.

Blue-collar Atlanta comic Ron White was arrested Wednesday in Vero Beach, Fla., and charged with possession of marijuana.

That’s not awesome.  That isn’t even a big deal.

The comedian regularly smoked marijuana during their flights, said former co-pilot Chris LaPlante — so much, in fact, “we wore oxygen masks” so they would not become impaired.

That is awesome.  I am in awe of both Mr. White and his valiant pilots who soldiered through this adversity.  That is fuggin Rock Star.

This part makes it even better:

It was just after 7 p.m. Wednesday when Sunrise Theatre executive director John Wilkes got a rather distressing phone call. Comedian Ron White, who was due to take the stage within the hour, had been arrested at the Vero Beach Municipal Airport.

Wilkes had a full house, 1,200 people, taking their seats and waiting for the popular Texas-born comic.

Was he worried that his star busted for pot — wouldn’t show up? “Well, in that sort of situation, you never know,” he said. “You just trust things will work out.”

Wilkes told funnyman Alex Rodriguez, the support act, to double the length of his 20-minute set. Then he put in a call to the Indian River County Jail, where White had just been delivered.

“I told the processor, ‘We have a full house, and we’re trying to keep this show alive. Please, can you expedite things?’ The Indian River County Jail processor was kind enough to say ‘He’ll be out of here in 30 minutes.'”

White arrived a few minutes before 9, and was onstage in less than 10 more.

The show goes on.  TCB baby.

Seven Years

Comedy: ur doin it rong

He even found a way to make an answer to a question on civil liberties comical. While speaking about the importance of habeas corpus, Obama said, “We don’t always catch the right person. We may think this is Mohammed the terrorist, it might be Mohammed the cab driver. You may think it’s Barack the bomb thrower, but it might be Barack the guy running for president.”

No, the bomb thrower is called Bill.  Barack is his buddy.


Cheerful, Bespectacled Hockey Mom Drives Journalists Nuts

This mother of five has put the entire mainstream media on timeout. No wonder they’re crying.

I lawld.

The Past

Those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it.

That’s exactly right. I think seriously there’s going to be a lot of thinking going on. I mean, I’ve been on the phone all day, commiserating, really, with my colleagues, and we’re all scratching our heads and saying, uh, we better do some thinking here, because we really thought we would win this election and the amazing thing is when people say the country is moving in the wrong direction, they think the Iraq war is a mess, the economy isn’t good, and we still lose?

Is McCain Palin’s Bitch?

Say my name!

I lawld.

For the People Keeping Score at Home

Just wanted to make sure it was specifically pointed out: The Democrats’ 2000 Vice Presidential Candidate just endorsed the Republicans’ 2008 ticket at the Republican National Convention.  In a sane world the Democratic candidate would drop out in shame.  (And I say that with the full knowledge that it would be completely in line with McCain’s history for him to do the same thing in 2012 or 2016.)

The same guy that the Democrats spent four years claiming was elected but not selected just told the nation that the Republican is better for America than the Democrat.