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How it is

So, if you get pregnant at 17 by the man you intend to marry, it means that your mother is unfit both as a parent and a candidate, but if you get arrested in the middle of a bar brawl, it is a private, family matter that reflects in no way on your father the candidate and must be buried by the mass media.

We certainly can’t have any coverage about how you made “intimidating statements” to the police, especially if they might be of the nature of “my father is a Senator and I’ll have your job”.  Following up on that sort of thing would be a distraction.

A distraction from portraying Britsol Palin as more debauched than say, Bill Clinton was ever treated, that is.  Of course, if she was an actual candidate and had a child with a staffer that she never intended to marry because she was already married, then they would have a moral obligation to bury the rumor, even after some rag like the Enquirer breaks the story.  If she was a Democrat, of course.

Just making sure that I have that straight.

Update: More How It Is. The American people aren’t stupid.  When Bill Maher is saying that you are going too far, you’ve gone too far.  The American people will punish people who treat them with contempt at the polling place.