Everyone Hates Rosie


Is it that people just don’t like Rosie anymore, that no one wants variety shows anymore, or is it just the combination of Rosie and variety that’s poison?

It’s Rosie and variety.  Rosie is antithetical to the entire draw of a variety show.  A variety show is light-hearted and nice.  Rosie is neither of these.  She is heavy-handed and mean.  That poisons the entire theme that people are looking for.  (One of the things that all the reviewers seem to note is that she couldn’t resist taking cheap shots at her enemies.  That is what mean people do.)

A variety show isn’t serious.  That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have a political bent (see Laugh In for example) but that bent has to be handled in a light-hearted and friendly way.  Can you imagine Palin appearing on Rosie’s show like Nixon on Laugh In?  Of course you can’t — Rosie is too mean and vindictive to even consider her.

Any ideas as to who could fit that role? Celebrities are so awful these days. Who wants to see how they behave presenting other celebrities?

Yup.  Someone talented that isn’t mean.  Awful really comes down to mean.  Wayne Brady.  (Preferably the one from Chapelle’s Show.)  Neil Patrick Harris, as someone suggested in Althouse’s comments.  John Travolta comes to mind. Trey Parker could do it — if the job is to not take shots at his enemies, I think he can do it, and he would love to have a variety show.

Find someone who doesn’t have an enemies list, doesn’t use the word “hate” when talking about people, and has a decent singing voice and can dance a little.


  1. I can’t abide Travolta. He would have totally ruined Hairspray for me except that the wonderful Christopher Walken saved it. I still like the original better.

    NPH would be great. But Walken would too. It would be a fabulously creepy variety show with him.

  2. Jazzy says:

    My vote is for Wayne Brady, SON!

  3. Leila says:

    I second the motion for Mr. Walken.

    Also, of all the horrible things Rosie did to foul my taste for her, the worst was when she appeared on my darling Rachels show and cooked the living dogshit out of some london broil. It was so over cooked there appeared to be sawdust accumulating on the plate from which it was served.

  4. I luuurrrrve me some Wayne Brady. He is hysterical and incredibly talented. And? He’s not an asshole.

    Rosie makes me want to vomit. I can’t even look at her. She reminds me of a snarling, angry wolf. That wears a beret.