NOW he likes the Constitution

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.:

What if the Constitution said: “All citizens shall enjoy the right to health care of equal high quality and the Congress shall have the power to implement this article by appropriate legislation?

I dunno.  But if it said, “A healthy electorate being necessary to the well-being of a free state, the right to administer and receive health care shall not be infringed,” then it would be illegal to buy penicillin, you would have fill out a 14 page questionnaire to buy aspirin, and if you carried a band-aid within 50 yards of a school you would go to prison.


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  2. mexigogue says:

    If we all have the right to have other people provide stuff for us, then there’s really no point in working. Oh wait, if we don’t work we get prosecuted for violating everybody else’s rights. By the way, what is slavery again???

  3. What if the Constitution told you to give me your wallet? Oh, wait, that is what he’s saying.