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Steele is the New Chair

Congratulations to Michael Steele, the new RNC Chairman.  He was my choice, and I think he will be good for the party and America.

Get ready, baby, it’s time to turn it on

Hell yeah.

Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss

Who’s Undercutting Obama? : CJR

While it is too early to judge just how this will work out, the early signs are troubling. And interviews with a dozen Washington reporters indicate that the Obama press operation tends to embrace friendly questions, while treating skeptical questions as not worth their time or, worse, as coming from an enemy.

I have called 202-456-2580, the main number for the White House press office, going back to the Nixon administration. Never has anyone in the press office declined to spell his name, give his job title, or hung up, even after the kind of aggressive exchanges that used to be common between journalists and flacks—and between journalists and high government officials, for that matter.

Read the whole thing.  The White House Press Office is now no different than the DMV.

And they want to run your health care.

PSH over Physics

iPhone sniper app released on day of Obama inauguration:

So as an aspiring iPhone developer, what’s a good way to cash in on all this hoopla? Of course — it’s to release your uber-realistic sniper app on the day of Obama’s inauguration. Poor taste, indeed.

Because apparently, no one is allowed to do anything but bask in the glory of The One on the Day in Which He Delivers Us.

This app is not a game — it’s a fully functional app that a real sniper could attach to their piece and have all the maths done for them — complex ballistics variables such as the type of ammunition in their M110 semi-automatic, the distance to the soon-to-be-perforated plus prevailing wind direction and speed, temperature, humidity and current air pressure.

Instead of using a hand held calculator and a handful of tables.  You know, the sort of thing that handheld computers were designed for.  In fact, the sort of thing the original computers were designed for.

Put simply, there’s now an iPhone app that takes care of the trigonometry so that all you need to do is press the trigger.

Riiiiight.  That is like saying, “A GPS unit is not a game — it’s a fully functional app that a real driver could attach to their car and have all the navigating done for them — complex variables such as distance to your destination, direction to minute of angle, traffic conditions, and even altitude.

“Put simply, there’s now a device that takes care of the trigonometry so that all you need to do is turn the key.”

I am not Taking the Analogy Too Far.  You have to already be an expert marksman before these sorts of variables even start to matter.  The majority of shooters aren’t even accurate enough to get good use out of plain old optics.  Shooting accurately — especially over distances where these variables matter — is very hard and requires a lot of training.  There are lots of thing that matter more to the accuracy of the shot than temperature and humidity — like your breathing and heartbeat.

The comments get even better.

Its simple sure but its not just a calculator. It has the potential to turn a physcopath into a marksman. Remember those 2 idiots who hid in the boot of their car to snipe people. How many rounds did they fire that MISSED? With this app. how many would have missed?

Uhh… the same number since they never took a shot over 100 yards and most shooters wouldn’t bother with anything more than iron sights for that?

A useless piece of coding. Unless you are going to carry your own personal weather station with you it is a pointless exercise.

Yeah, guess what?  Long range shooters carry their own personal weather stations with them.

Isn’t Apple an American company? Doesn’t this violate at least ten US federal laws? AND….What exactly is Apple trying to promote; releasing this app on this of all days! I honestly believe that if anyone is ever proven to have been killed with assistance from this application, then Apple should be thourally sued until they are in business ONLY to pay the law suit! If a VIP falls because of this then they (the board of Apple) should ALL be imprisoned!

Apple is an American company.  This violates no US Federal laws.  Apple is not trying to promote anything.  They didn’t write the app.  Apple did choose when to release it, in that developers submit an app, and then it gets released whenever Apple approves it.  I’m sure the date is a coincidence (since developers don’t know how long approval will take.)  Since Apple didn’t write the app, and the app is not illegal in any way, I’m not sure what tort you think would have been committed.  On the other hand, I like your “board in jail” idea — let’s go ahead and toss Al Gore in the pokey now.

Guns are the only “tool” ever invented by man specifically for killing on the scale that they can! Missiles, nukes etc were designed to destroy buildings and landscapes primarily. Not people. Even today, we make “better” (sic) and more effective versions of guns, each designed to kill more people and faster and to fire more rounds than the models before. Guns are the only tool we made for killing on this massive scale.

Funny, the Mongols managed to get about 40 million people with bows and swords.

(Hat tip to Unk)


I honestly didn’t expect the quid pro quo to be so blatant.

CNN and CBS do everything they can to get him elected, and then gets an office in response.  At least press secretary isn’t a commission, and, you know, involves the press.

Secretary of Commerce is still open.  Maybe we can get Anne Thompson to fill that one.  Hey, Drug Czar, let’s get Mike Fumento for that one.  (Actually, that might be the most rational choice made yet.)  Hey, we’ll have some Supereme Court nominations coming.  How about Nancy Grace?  Gotta have a black guy, though, for Racial Bingo, let’s see what Judge Joe Brown is doing!

Ever get the idea that Obama makes his appoinments based on who he can see from his living room, either out the window or on the TV set?

Another one down, another one down

…Another one under the bus.

You know, if I worked for Obama, I would make sure I sold all my swords.  Because anyone who comes in contact with him seems to end up falling on one.