People told me that if I voted for McCain…

… We would have character assassinations on black political leaders by those in power.

Not until you reach well down on the jump page do you learn this interesting little detail: “The U.S. attorney’s office inadvertently sent the confidential document, a defense sentencing memorandum filed under seal, to The Washington Post after the newspaper requested the prosecution’s sentencing memorandum.” Inadvertently sent what was supposed to be a sealed document to the Post? Yeah, sure, and the Post will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge real cheap, too.

Is anyone in the U.S. Attorney’s office going to lose their job over this? Will the Obama DOJ launch an investigation to make sure this wasn’t politically motivated? What would the Post and others have said if this had happened to, say, Howard Dean, during the Bush administration?

Removing any sense of shame probably isn’t the Change people were looking for.

But remember, the Republicans are the tax evading, ethics violating, power abusing party.  Just ask a Democrat or a reporter (but I repeat myself.)

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