Most Ethical Administration EVAH!

Obama names “most fined” Washington State bureaucrat to HUD:

When the Seattle blogger attempted to investigate King County’s performance in the 2004 election, the county — under Sims’ governance — gave him the same kind of runaround rather than comply with legal records requests.  Sharkansky eventually discovered what Sims and King County wanted to keep hidden: they counted ineligible ballots during the recount to give Christine Gregoire the necessary margin of victory over Dino Rossi for governor. Sharkansky’s suit will finally go to trial in April.  Sims might get called to testify, and if Sharkansky wins, King County can expect to pay another large fine to mitigate Sims’ mismanagement and opacity.

Here’s some free advice to BHO — stop telling us, “I screwed up,” and do something about it.  You can start by hiring someone to re-vet your vetting team.  Whatever it is they think the are doing, they are doing it wrong.

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  1. Mjenks says:

    Yep…change we can believe in.