911 Nuggets

I’m getting sick of these stories — because some of these people have legitimate complaints:

When police arrived, Goodman said she purchased a 10-piece chicken McNuggets meal, received her change and then was told McDonald’s had run out of McNuggets. Goodman said she tried to get a refund, but the cashier told her it was against store policy and that all sales are final.

“The manager just took my money and won’t give me my money back, trying to make me get something off the menu that I don’t want,” Goodman said in one of the 911 calls. “I ordered chicken nuggets. They don’t have chicken nuggets, and so I told her, ‘Just give me my money back,’ and she tells me I have to pick something else off the menu. She is not going to give me my money back, and she don’t have the right to take my money.”

That is a legitimate complaint.  That McDonalds committed theft.  That is a matter for the police.  You can bet your ass that if she had walked around the counter and picked up some McNuggets and didn’t pay for them, they would have called the cops on her and she would have gotten criminal charges for theft.  It is the same for the McDonalds.  Either make a reasonable attempt to fill the order she made, or give her money back.

Goodman said it wasn’t so much about the nuggets as it was the money.

“When you feel that you’ve been mistreated or misused or robbed out of your money, you have the right to call 911,” Goodman said. “That’s the purpose of 911, so I thought.”

I agree 100%.  Say you had a kid coming door to door selling candy.  You say, “give me an almond bar” and you hand him your dollar.

He takes the dollar, puts it in his pocket and then says, “we don’t have almond bars.  You’ll have to take a plain one.”

You say, “hell no, give me my money back.”

Do you really think it is OK for him to say, “no refunds, take another kind or lose your money?”  Me, I call that theft.  And now the victim has been charged instead of the thief, because the thief is a big business and the victim is an black woman with an accent.

The police are not your friend.  They are only going to help you if they feel like it.  They are under no obligation to enforce the law. Remember that.


  1. No Refunds = Call the cops. It makes no sense why they wouldn’t give her a refund. None at all.

  2. Phelps says:

    The cops, you mean?

  3. R says:

    What do you expect from employees who couldn’t make it past the fifth grade.

  4. R says: