So first Obama holds a “Healthcare Reform Summit”. Meaning, he tells everyone that he wants to try to push Hillarycare 2.0, the economy be damned (and he has done a pretty good job of damning it so far.)

On the same day, Sanjay Gupta tells the White House, thanks but no thanks.  I don’t believe that these are coincidences.  That looks like a pretty wise decision from Gupta.  If Obama pushes this, he will want to politicize the Surgeon General position — Obama politicizes everything.  That would mean that Gupta would forever be known not as the the friendly doctor-journalist who also saved wounded children in Iraq — he would be The Obamacare Doctor.  Given that pretty much every doctor knows that single-payer healthcare is a disaster all over the world and will certainly be the same here, that’s not an appealing prospect.

He also wouldn’t really get any personal gain from the office.  The main thing it has to offer is a sense of higher purpose and fame.  He doesn’t need fame.  More people will know him from CNN than from any legitimate use of the office.  And I think that the other part — the higher purpose — would be tainted if he was asked to push a political (rather than medical) issue.  I hope that he believes that too and it figured into his decision.

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