The Character Assassins Have a New Target

Dem Strategists have identified their next target in the ongoing Obama/Clinton Politics of Personal Destruction campaign. I guess that they have to have something to talk about in the 8:45 call, eh?  I guess this was forwarded on to the JournoList too, so we can see more petty and ultimately unsuccessful (as with Limbaugh) drive-by attacks from the mass media journalists as well as the talking heads.

I really understand why Hillary Clinton talked about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for so long now.  She was unable to fathom that the Very Real Vast Left Wing Consiracy was getting its ass kicked by an unorganized confederation for so long.  (And will again soon.)


  1. MattJ says:

    Oh, I guess that explains the sudden upswing in negative stories about her and her family. Things had been quiet for a while. I wondered what had happened.

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