Delivery Pizza

So Obama flies a pizza jock 860 miles to the White House because apparently every pizza place in DC sucks balls.

According to this handy carbon footprint calculator, those pizzas generated over 1000 lbs of carbon just getting to DC, not counting the material’s actual production and the carbon it took to get them to him in St. Louis, before he flew them to DC.

Me?  I don’t give a fig about carbon footprint.  But Obama says he does.


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  2. R says:

    Haha. Obama is even too elite for DC.

  3. MattJ says:

    Somewhere, an Indian just shed a tear.

  4. Guav says:

    Too bad the story was false.

  5. Phelps says:

    You’ll have to do better than that with this crew, nub. Put up or shut up.

    Like this:

    He absolutely flew to DC and cooked pizza for Obama in the White House kitchen.

    l2p nub