Volleyball coach

My initial reaction to this:

The head volleyball coach at Southlake Carroll Senior High School has been arrested.

Police said she was caught performing a lewd act with a man at a Roanoke park.

Police say Wyvonne Walling, 45, was in a pickup with the man near the pool at Fairplay Park when the arrest occurred last Thursday morning.

… was, “well, the guy was an adult, wasn’t a student, and wasn’t a co-worker, so I don’t see what the problem is.”  Which I think says a lot about our lowered standards, where we expect to hear that a teacher is molesting her students.

(Cheap joke:  It had to be a frame-up.  Who ever heard of a girl’s volleyball coach going down on a man?)


  1. Crisatunity says:

    Is this really any worse than a speeding ticket? Speed kills. I don’t recall any deaths coming out of this crime.

  2. mexigogue says:

    Maybe she was a Polish girls’ volleyball coach???