Everything Obama Says

has an expiration date.

He keeps no promises.  Not even the simplest, easiest promises that cost nothing and are under the control of no one but himself.


  1. R says:

    Dude, have you seen the comments people leave on teh interworbz? I don’t think Obama wants to be sifting through “first!”s, “fag”s, and links to porn in his bill comment posts.

  2. Phelps says:

    That’s why he has interns. Of course, they are probably the ones doing it.

    Of course, maybe he has interns for the same reason as Clinton, but they have to have something else to do all day.

    Seriously, how hard is “don’t do anything for five days?” Shit, I’ve got cousins who haven’t done anything in five years, and they don’t have any sort of degrees or offices.