Okay, anyone that raids in WoW knows that you never believe anything the recruiter tells you, even if the recruiter is an officer in the guild, even if he is the guild master.  Because they lie. If you are already an officer, you have to be an idiot to flip guilds because they told you they would make you an officer in the new guild.

QQ moar nubsauce.


  1. Diller says:

    I suppose ol Arlen,did’nt recall all the bridges he might have burnt,during his years on the sugar tit.Yes, you would think he was’nt that clueless.

  2. R says:

    Word. You still raid?

  3. Phelps says:

    I’ve been in ulduaar 10 twice. Then I started a trial on federal court. Goodbye sleep, much less raiding.