Some more of the new bipartisanship from the White House:

The important part comes at the end: an email exchange between Matthew Feldman, attorney on the President’s Auto Task Force, and Robert Manzo, Chrysler restructuring expert. Manzo is basically pleading to further negotiate to prevent bankruptcy, but Feldman is having none of it. Here is the exchange:

Robert Manzo, Chrysler restructuring expert: “I hope you think it’s worth giving this one more shot.”

Matthew Feldman, attorney on the President’s Auto Task Force: “I’m now not talking to you. You went where you shouldn’t.

Manzo: “Sorry. I didnt’ mean to say the wrong thing and I obviously did. I was trying oto make sure that if we had to contribute to the solution you knew we had some room. Sorry I did not realize the mistake!!”

Feldman: “It’s over. The President doesn’t negotiate second rounds. We’ve given and lent billions of dollars so your team could manage this properly….And now you’re telling me to bend over to a terrorist like Lauria? That’s B.S.”

So now, the officials appointed by the administration are refusing to even talk to anyone who speaks to someone on the “enemies list”.  Kinda like this from the other day:

“They said, ‘Republicans are having this meeting and you need to let all of your clients know if they have someone there, that will be viewed as a hostile act,'” said a Democratic lobbyist who attended the meeting.

Obama seems to try to find the worst qualities of past presidents.  He’s got the secrecy of GWB, the economics of Carter, and now it seems the political style of Nixon.

The funny thing is, this is where I would normally quote Obama’s Blueprint for Change, but he never promised to even attempt bipartisanship.

Guess he’s gonna avoid breaking at least one promise.

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