Everything Obama Says

Has an expiration date.

“I’m sorry I’m not an economist,” Biden said as he was describing the methodology. “My background is foreign policy and the constitution. “

Of course, that’s why Barack Obama put Biden in charge of the economic stimulus project.  It makes as much sense as:

Well, yeah.  What, did you think he actually meant it when he wrote this into his “Blueprint for America?”

Reform the Political Appointee Process: FEMA Director Michael Brown was not qualified to head the agency, and the result was a disaster for the people of the Gulf Coast. But in an Obama administration, every official will have to rise to the standard of proven excellence in the agency’s mission.


  1. What’s the deal with the Pay Czar? Is he supposed to cap pay at all of the newly nationalized industries?

    And why do we have Czars anyway? Doesn’t that circumvent the whole “three branches of government” that the Constitution created? The Czar answers to Obama. Not Congress. Not Judges. Right?

    I still say I should be Pot Czar, but whatever.

  2. […] Everything has an expiration date. […]

  3. I didn’t see this before I posted similarly.

    I’d like to be the Gin & Tonic Czar.