May Unemployment Numbers

So Obama was going to create or save 4,000,000 jobs, right?


The “Without Recovery Plan” was the worst case scenario.  That was the Doomsday Great Depression story we were fed.  If we didn’t spend over a Trillion Dollars, that was what was going to happen.

And now that we have spent over a trillion dollars, and have nationalized two auto makers and meddled with dozens of banks, the White House has succeeded… in making it worse.  The red data points are what has actually happened.

Just like everyone who’s looked at the Great Depression said they would.

Fucking amateurs.


  1. Effin’ scary, ain’t it?

    What I am loving most (not) is how we’re printing money out of thin air.

    And then buying our own debt with it. WTF?

  2. Phelps says:

    Inflation, baby. It hasn’t hit yet because the banks won’t loan out the money that the government is shoveling at them. When they finally do, we can only hope that it stops at 100% over 2-3 years. If the response is to print more money, welcome to Wehrmacht Germany. You’ll be wiping your ass with C-notes because they will be cheaper than toilet paper. (And you won’t be able to afford TP.)

  3. Belize looks better every day.