Too much meddling

This editorial pretty much sums up my thoughts on “executive compensation”.

I’m astonished at how completely people have been duped by this guy.  It’s simple math, guys.  The top earners pay the most taxes.  Already.

Obama has “promised” (every statement has an expiration date, remember) that he’s not going to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250K a year.

The only way to handle Obama’s spending is to increase tax revenue.  He’s proposing to limit the amount of income at the top, which is where the most disproportionate amount of tax revenue comes from.

This is also the most mobile part of our society.  The people making the most money are the ones who would be most valued in another country, and the ones most financially able to make that transition.  So if you limit how much they can make here, they will just make it there instead.  A good number of them will simply emmigrate completely, and drop thier US citizenship.  Now we have gone from them paying a hugely disproportionate amount of taxes… to zero taxes.  On the other hand, the country that gets them now gets a windfall of tax revenue.

Quite frankly, the math isn’t hard.  If you support limiting executive income, you are supporting raising your own taxes.  That executive income is where the taxes are paid.  If they stop being paid there, they will have to start being paid here.

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