Dallas judge throws out police-search evidence

“When you put it under a microscope,” said Kevin Clancy, an attorney representing Aderinboye, “these guys were kind of acting like vigilantes.”

No, Mr. Clancy, when you put it under any level of scrutiny, these guys were acting like criminals.  No “kind of” needed.

Of course, they won’t be prosecuted for their crimes, because they wore badges, which makes them just like you and me, only better.


  1. mexigogue says:

    First of all I applaud that judge for his decision to throw the case out based on the facts. My concern is that many people, in their mouth breathing mono-browed failure to comprehend, will see this as evidence that the judge is soft on crime whereas the truth is that this action is in fact compelled by justice. It is not permissible or even desirable to destroy basic American freedoms to apprehend bad guys. The judge in this case acted appropriately and it is important that people understand that his decision was not based on mercy for the accused but on justice in defense of individual rights as outlined by the Constitution.