Hutchison vs. Perry

NRO looks at the question.

It’s real simple to call for me.  Perry has been out doing Tea Parties, giving stemwinders and generally getting a good reception from the base.

Hutchison hasn’t shown up at one yet, as far as I’ve heard, and would probably be booed off the stage if she did, just like Cornyn was.

That pretty much answers the question of where the primary is going to me.

One Comment

  1. Texas Our Texas says:

    Kay Bailey Hutchison is a creature of Washington. She oozes Washington insider. Perry has taken a lot of heat for a lot of things, but that’s when you know someone is doing it right. A true conservative wouldn’t skirt by unscathed after 18 years in the Senate. She has no record, and she has no message about why she is running.

    Perry all the way.

    By the way, can you read the full NRO article? I have the hard copy, and it is a great read about Perry’s excellent leadership.