The Afrosphere

A pool club run by a left-wing Obama supporter runs a bunch of black kids out?  That’s going to get constant coverage in the afrosphere (except for the “the club is run by an Obama supporter” and the “it was a safety issue” part.)

If a Republican candidate has an offensive comment on her facebook page, well, that needs wall to wall posting too.  Never mind that it was a commenter, not her.

On the other hand, A black mob chanting “It’s a black world” while they attempt to lynch a white family? Not so much as a peep.


  1. Kristin says:

    So your issue with the Afrosphere is what?
    I seriously doubt the citizen journalist of the Afrosphere are condoning the behavior of teenagers who assaulted the Marshall family and their friends because we have neglected to as you say “wall to wall post”. Throughout the Afrosphere there are no greater critics to behavior and individuals lack of responsibility that ultimately leads to the determent of our (black) communities. There is nothing but constant talk throughout the afrsosphere on ways to improve and change the current state of Black America. So again I ask what is your issue with the Afrosphere? The constant talks about the state of Black youths and their lack of guidance and responsibility for their acts, which is blogged about on a daily, is not enough? Sorry but your peep is blasted loudly daily if you but choose to read it with understanding.

  2. Phelps says:

    My beef with the afrosphere is that the general claim that racism is bad, but the only racism that warrants any attention is racism against black people. Racism from black people, on the other hand, doesn’t happen, except when it does happen, which has to be the fault of a republican, preferably a white republican. Especially a white republican woman, who should know her place, which is barefoot, pregnant and Democrat.

  3. Phelps says:

    Or a gay republican, who should be voting democrat too, because if he votes Democrat then he’s voting for a party that opposes gay marriage instead of voting for republicans because they oppose gay marriage.

  4. Kristin says:

    Yeeeaaahhhh. What do you think black on black crime is all about if not racism against one’s own and a prolific amount of self hate? More importantly just how did you deduce that racism from black people is the “fault of a republican preferably a white republican. Especially a white republican woman.” Seriously Phelps, I can’t wait to hear this explanation and how it pertains to a group of idiots attacking a couple for no reason. Unless of course the group of idiots knew the woman was a republican and that one of the friends was a gay republican.

  5. I would laugh about the asshats who crop inconvenient information out of stories, like the owner being an Obamaphile or that Neda is a Christian. I expect nothing less from the people who brought us the whole “koran flushing” lie/story that lead to the deaths of 16 people in Afghanistan.