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When his “strongly disapprove” numbers are higher than his total approval, can we call him unpopular then?

Because right now Strongly Disapprove is at 42%, and his total approval is only at 47%.

This part warms the cockles of my heart, though:

If Americans could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 57% would throw out all the legislators and start over again. Just 25% would vote to keep the Congress.

Throw the bums out.  There’s not one of them that this good enough that he’s worth keeping at the expense of all the others.

On the Bus

So it turns out that there were fake, bussed in protesters at the town halls:

You’re reading this story today because Tuesday I was able to confirm with the Service Employees International Union that it rented vans and encouraged people to carpool to the event. About 100 SEIU members attended, from as far away as Muskegon and Detroit, said Zac Altefogt, a spokesman for SEIU Healthcare Michigan.

Oh, you meant fake, bussed in people against the health insurance takeover?  No, haven’t found them yet.

OFA state director Aletheia Henry assured us that her group had not bused people to the rally.

We wrote a short follow-up Saturday and thought it was resolved.

Then this week, some readers e-mailed us photos of supporters standing in front of a bus from Trinity Transportation parked several blocks away near Family Video, 1111 W. Ganson St.

My colleague followed up with Henry. We told her we understood OFA hadn’t chartered the buses, but we wondered if she knew who had. She refused to answer the question and then hung up the phone.

Disgusting.  Both that they think we are stupid enough to not see what is going on, and that people I otherwise though of as reasonable were spreading the slander that the takeover opponents were the astroturfers.

Foreshadowing of Obamacare

The distraught father of a teenage girl who died after her tonsillitis was deemed to be swine flu is calling for over-the-phone diagnosis to be scrapped.

Karl Hartey accused the Government of having ‘blood on its hands’ after his 16-year-old daughter Charlotte died from complications arising from tonsillitis.

via London Mail.

Thank god the NHS protected her from Big Tonsil and all those unnecessary proceedures, like actually seeing a doctor in person.

Fannie Med

Health Care Co-ops: What’s Inside the Box?:

However, simply slapping the word “cooperative” onto a new “insurer,” but then specifying that the government — not the policyholders — picks the board of directors (as Sen. Schumer wants), or that taxpayers will subsidize it, or that it has to pay doctors and hospitals at Medicare rates, would just be an exercise in trying to disguise a “public plan.”

This is exactly the same thing as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  It is government masquerading as a private entity.  What did Fannie and Freddie do?  They encouraged irresponsible behavior, and roped people into deals that they ultimately couldn’t pay for.

Just like Fannie Med.


CBS News:

Axelrod urges his e-mail recipients spread his message and “start a chain email of our own.”

Was There a Plant at the Sheila Jackson Lee Town Hall Meeting?

Patterico is doing the legwork. He’s uncovering all those bussed in, fake town hall goons.  You know, the ones supporting the health insurance takeover.

“Enemies List”

If they won’t answer the question, it is because they know the answer is unacceptable.

Bottom line — Obama is, either accidentally or intentionally, collecting an enemies list.  He is collecting it because he is prohibited from throwing away any missives sent in to the White House.  That means that even if they aren’t “compiling” a list now, they have all the components of the list on hand, ready to compile any time they decide to flip the switch.

There are only three options here:

  • The president decided that this would be nice to have around and figured that his supporters are craven enough to look away from him becoming, essentially, Nixon, or
  • The president is so incompetent that he doesn’t know how the laws regarding White House communication work, or
  • The president has no control over the goons he hired to run his administration.

I’m leaning towards a combination of the last two.