Foreshadowing of Obamacare

The distraught father of a teenage girl who died after her tonsillitis was deemed to be swine flu is calling for over-the-phone diagnosis to be scrapped.

Karl Hartey accused the Government of having ‘blood on its hands’ after his 16-year-old daughter Charlotte died from complications arising from tonsillitis.

via London Mail.

Thank god the NHS protected her from Big Tonsil and all those unnecessary proceedures, like actually seeing a doctor in person.

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  1. R says:

    The call centers were set up by England in order to keep people from going to see a doctor if they suspected they had swine flu. This type of government “advice” can happen with or without a government funded health infrastructure. (It is an idiotic move altogether.)

    If the CDC were to set up call centers like this today, this shit would happen here.