The Power to Destroy

I know that the idea of the government controlling healthcare sounds like a really groovy idea to some people.

I, on the other hand, am dismayed at how government handles really easy stuff like dog catching and pothole filling, and therefore don’t want them anywhere near anything important like medicine.

But, here is something that people who are looking for more government control of healthcare should remember. You won’t always be in charge. Remember 2001-2008?  That was a long time, wasn’t it?  In that time, George W. Bush and the Republican congress took all those nifty programs that Clinton came up with, and twisted them around to work the way they wanted.  It will happen again.

Supposed you get the ultimate goal — government has total control and responsibility for healthcare.  Eventually, Republicans are going to get control of all that power.  It always happens.

The first thing that is going to happen is that Roe v Wade is going to be moot.  Government Healthcare is going to just stop paying for abortions.  You don’t have to ban it.  You just cut the money off.  Therapy and counseling?  No and no.

Do you really think that Republicans are racist?  Then the logical conclusion to draw is that when Republicans get control of government again, minority-tilted diseases are suddenly going to find themselves on the way, way back burner.  Sickle cell?  Who cares?  Certainly not the government funding all the research and treatment.  Diabetes?  Let’s just call it Funabetes and stop worrying!

When the government is controling healthcare, then the government decides where to build clinics and hospitals.  Do you really want whether or not a clinic stays open in a poor neighborhood to be based on winning an election? And then there is the STD issue.  What happens when the party in control of healthcare decides that people who get STDs and AIDS “brought it on themselves?”

You will not stay in power forever.  Surely the last nine years illustrated that better than anything.  Republicans certainly have it in mind right now.  Remember that when you are putting together any political plan.  Whatever you do must be resilient enough to survive being run by your worst enemy.  Complete government control of healthcare is not, not by a damned sight.  Right now, the government has to actually do something to kill you.  When they are in control of healthcare, they will be able to kill you dead by simply doing nothing.


  1. Cory says:


    Heh, you just brightened my day.

    Take a look at the nazi eugenics programs, I am sure if govt has control of healthcare we will see these programs re-appear for “unfit” people to be “retired”
    Hell the US was a big player in eugenics until the nazis came along and made it look really bad publicly, then most eugenics groups renamed themselves e.a. Eugenics Quarterly became Social Biology in 1969.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  2. Cory says:

    Sorry but I just love this picture so much, I know were going to see this re-appear, so I may as well laugh now, since its still funny… soon it wont be

  3. mexigogue says:

    A 10 month waiting list for abortions would be Epic!

  4. Dave says:

    @mexigogue – classic! And, sadly enough, completely possible.