So Van Jordan is gone. Good riddance.  This clown would have never survived Senate confirmation, which explains why Obama tried to hide him in his dozens of czars.  He’s a political nut, and being a truther is the cherry on top.

Here’s what’s hilarious, though — he tried to cover up being a truther.  Really.

“Jones signed a truther petition.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Here’s your signature.”

“uhhh… I didn’t know what it was when I signed it.”

“Here’s you talking at a Truther rally.”


Yes ladies and gentlemen, one of the people who accused the government of covering up involvement in 9/11 tried to cover up his involvement in the Truther community.  And I can’t help but keep thinking of this one:

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  1. One of my faves. That’s not my bag, baby!