We on the right side of the aisle are letting too much get by us by allowing the other side and the Establishment Media to define the terms.  We have to get out of this mode of simply parroting their terms to get along.  It’s time to call a spade a spade, and get out of the politically correct straitjacket we are in.  And let’s start with “politically correct”.  It’s not “politically correct.”  That implies that to say anything else is to be incorrect.  It’s “liberally appeasing.”

The biggest one — and the one that prompted this — is “mainstream media”.  They aren’t mainstream.  They haven’t been for years.  Fox is mainstream (and that is why it has the highest ratings.)  Fox looks like they are right because everything else is left.  It is only right by comparison.  They aren’t mainstream.  They are the Establishment Media.  They are everything that Establishment implies.  They are the old, entrenched, elite power structure, and they are used to getting what they want and not having any competition.  They are outdated, on the way out, and certainly not mainstream.

The big push in the Establishment Media is for the Health Insurance Takeover.  It isn’t healthcare reform.  No part of the proposed programs involve reforming healthcare.  The level of quality in our healthcare is fine.  Everything about it has to do with how our health insurance will work.  And “reform” isn’t where the opposition is.  The opposition is in the “public option” (more properly the Socialist Option) and the co-ops.  Those two serve one purpose — to lead to a government takeover of health insurance.  So call it what it is — the Health Insurance Takeover.

Stop debating torture.  No one on the right is pro-torture.  We are for giving the government the authority to use enhanced interrogation because we don’t believe that these techniques are torture.  If we did think that they were torture, we wouldn’t condone them.  Letting the opposition call you pro-torture is tacitly admitting that it is torture.  Don’t do it.  They are anti-interrogation.  Make them live with the label that accurately describes them.

We are letting far, far too many shenanigans go on with the terms that are being used to define the debate.  If we are going to start taking back our government, we have to start by taking back our language.

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