The Audacity of Hos

You know what I like best about this video?

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The Audacity of Hos
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I love the laughter.  The nervous, confused laughter.  See, the Daily Show crowd is well trained.  Jon makes fun of conservatives, his voice goes up at the end, they laugh.  If they actually get the point, they clap.  It’s Pavlov’s Audience.  Jon makes noises, voice goes up, audience laughs.  Jon makes noises and then yells, audience claps.  Then they all get wheat germ smoothies or whatever at the end.

The problem here is, they are getting the point, but they don’t think they are getting the point, because it doesn’t fit into clappy laughy Daily Show land.  So they nervously laugh, like, “am I getting it?  I must not be getting it, because this doesn’t make sense.”  After all, they haven’t heard anything about this on CNN.  Or MSNBC.  Or in the New York Times.  So when did all this happen?  Where did this stuff come from?  Why is Jon making fun of ACORN?

Some of them get it.  They are the ones booing.  But for the others, there is just confusion.  And that confusion is delicious.

We are inside their OODA loop.  Jon knows that and is trying to break them out.

Keep trying, Jon.

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  1. R says:

    To be fair, CNN did a pretty good amount of coverage on the ACORN videos.