The Bitch is BACK

3.2.2 drops today.



  1. Yay, yet more content taken away from the low level players.

    We get it Blizzard. You hate all of your customers who aren’t level 80.

  2. Phelps says:

    Are you really taking it away when it is content that never gets seen anyways? We raided Ony a couple of weeks before the announcement — because half a dozen of our guildies had never seen the raid. They were all 80. We nine manned it.

    Given that even a new player can zip from 55 to 68 in about 20 play hours, when are they going to get together with thirty nine other players who happen to be at level to do this raid?

  3. Look, I’m glad you’re the type of player whose only goal is to race to 80 as fast as possible without enjoying any of the content along the way. If that’s fun for you, congratualtions. NOT EVERYONE PLAYS THAT WAY.

    There’s a large number of people who enjoy playing the low level content. On my server there are regular groups of 10 or so level 65 to 70 players that form to go run the old 40man raids. They should be allowed to have their fun too. Especially since the engine supports multiple modes, so there was no reason they couldn’t have the L60 version as well as the new L80 version.

    Especially since that in order to do this they’ve broken all the Tier 2 sets and ripped out some of the best quest chains in the entire game.

    But Blizzard has apparently that Achiever and Killer Bartle types are the only legitimate players on WoW and is deliberately making life hell for the Socializer and Explorer types among its customer base.

  4. Phelps says:

    If they really wanted to nuke half the Bartle spectrum for the other, they wouldn’t also be pissing off the Achievers and Killers by making instances and loot easier (the Achievers like to be the ONLY achievers and the killers don’t like the gankee to have gear good enough to fight back).

    The pure socializers generally aren’t raiders in my experience anyways, and the explorers aren’t worried about it — they are looking forward to the new Cataclysm content.

    Blizzard has much better data than your one anecdote from one server. I’m on an OG server, and I never see anyone in any T2, and yes, I spend plenty of time in the old capitals and know T2 when I see it. Breaking a set that no one uses isn’t a big deal. (Maybe I’ll get a Feat of Strength for the helm I have in the bank.) Breaking an instance that sees less traffic than VC isn’t a big deal.

  5. R says:

    Onyxia is boring anyway. I can think of a million other instances much more fun/interesting than that ho.