The White Obama

So Jimmy Carter and a bunch of other idiotarians have claimed that most if not all of the opposition to Obama’s Health Insurance Takeover is because Obama is black.  Here’s where I’m having a problem.  How do these guys think it would have gone if Obama wasn’t black?  Like, say John Edwards won.  Do they really think it would have gone like this?

John Edwards, POTUS:  I want to completely take over health insurance and fine anyone who doesn’t pay for it.

Republicans: What?

John Edwards: Single payer healthcare.  It’s time.  We Won.

Republicans:  Well…

John Edwards: IwonIwonIwon!!!

Republicans: Well… okay.

John Edwards:  I’m glad you guys are on board.  Why, just the other day I was channeling dead babies, and they told me that socialized medicine was just what this country needed.

Joe Wilson: YOU LIE!

Republicans:  Joe?  WTF?  Can’t you tell that the president is white?

Joe Wilson: Huh?  (Squints)  Oh, sorry, sorry.  I just got new contacts.

George W. Bush:  Hey, some racist said that you also want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens.  Is that true?

John Edwards: YOU LIE!

Democrats: Damnit George, what the hell?  This isn’t some black guy, this is the president of the United States of America!  I don’t know about you, but we think that’s a pretty important office.  How dare you treat a president like that, you monkey-faced Hitler-like person that we have constant assassination fantasies about!

John Edwards: Oh, and we need a new tax.  Cap and Trade.  Give it.

Republicans: Hey, we’re in the middle of a recession.  Might be a depression.  We don’t think that this is a good time to raise taxes.  We don’t think that there is a good time to raise taxes, but this is probably the worst.

John Edwards: Achem.  (Holds up a porcelain plate to his face and points)

Republicans: Oh, right, right, we forgot.  Go ahead.

Kanye West: This joint session of Congress is pretty good, and I’m gonna let you see it, but I just wanna say, Hillary had the best socialized medicine plan of all time.  Of all time!


  1. Kristin says:

    Questionable category label but, whateves.

  2. Brittancus says:

    In the past not too many Americans and legal residents were unaware of the happenings in Congress. Today instant contact is a way of life for anybody who has access to a computer. In 1986 other than the paper media, tv and radio gave any evidence of the Immigration Reform package and that was surely limited? The US population was isolated from the truth that was to befall them, after the Simpson/Mazzoli bill passed because the politicians hid the truth? 2 million guest workers were to be given citizenship, but the process became full of corruption and 5.3 million was eventually approved for blanket AMNESTY. Expeditiously the guest workers moved away from agriculture and joined the mainstream of workers. BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EQUALLY TO TAKE BLAME FOR THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OCCUPATION OF OUR NATION.

    The people who picked the fruit and vegetables in the farms vanished, so that meant more floods of illegal workers to take the empty places. Today Obama wants to pass another miserable immigration reform bill, even though the main author Edward Kennedy insisted there would never be another path to citizenship. Millions of honest voter don’t believe the rhetoric or lies that spill from the politicians anymore. Again behind closed drapes they have been having a secret summit, with little or no participation of the press or pro-sovereignty groups. When lawmakers declare no more Immigration reform than they better stick to their words. Both parties contain corrupt legislators who care nothing for the working man/women and are ready to present in the House and Senate a new immigration reform bill.

    287 G, was a lifeline to train local police authorities to arrest and question people, but that may have seen the end of days. The no-match letter may also have been sold out, as well as ICE raids to pander to extremist groups such as La Raza. A recently released report by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 42 states lost jobs last month with Indiana alone losing 9,500 jobs! With 15 million Americans out of work and most states continuing to lose jobs on a monthly basis, it is completely obnoxious that the United States hands out about 100,000 green cards each month! THIS IS NOT RACISM THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL!

    President Obama is holding the reins, this time and already confusing the American people over health care. Joe Wilson was right to some degree about no mechanism in the health care package to identify illegal aliens. After the fact and bombarded by livid Americans they added amendments that would cut off all access. That why our legislators need to amplify the verification procedures, to remove foreign nationals from cheating the system.

    I trust neither Sen. Harry Reid, House speaker Pelosi and all those who fumble along behind the major conspirators. Harry Reid’s Nevada has hospitals in dire need of funds, because of the massive illegal alien population there. The same with California that’s having release 20.000 prison inmates, because they were on the edge of bankruptcy, owing to indifferent assembly in Sacramento who allowed unfettered benefits to millions of illegal immigrant families feeding out of the waning state money trough.The businesses that draw them here, pay nothing to their living conditions. Those expenses are left to the taxpayers. Call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121 and demand no more Immigration Reform. If you want real facts find out about the corruption and other sinister issues at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH. Only your irate voices will curtail another AMNESTY travesty and stop millions more arriving illegally in America?
    Certainly I would like a Public option for some family members, but not if illegal aliens can benefit from US taxpayers paying the bill?

  3. Phelps says:

    If you are referring to the first one, different strokes for different folks. If the latter, it was supposed to be sarcastic to start with.

  4. Phelps says:

    And this week’s Epic Missing the Point award goes to Brittanicus.