Vetting Fail

Washington Times:

President Obama’s nominee at the Department of Homeland Security overseeing bioterrorism defense has served as a key adviser for a lobbying group funded by the pharmaceutical industry that has asked the government to spend more money for anthrax vaccines and biodefense research.

But Dr. Tara O’Toole, whose confirmation as undersecretary of science and technology is pending, never reported her involvement with the lobbying group called the Alliance for Biosecurity in a recent government ethics filing.

The alliance has spent more than $500,000 lobbying Congress and federal agencies — including Homeland Security — since 2005, congressional records show.


  1. It would be so easy to be sarcastic about this, but the vetting failures are getting to be pathological.

  2. What? They vetted people? Because the evidence of chicanery in this administration points strongly to the contrary. I think they thought the word “vetting” implied the need to wear a bandana across their eyeballs when they flicked a glance over these people’s past associations.