Some Student of History

So, we have Kennedy’s inexperience, Carter’s foreign policy, Bush’s spending, Clinton’s healthcare meddling, Ford’s cat-like coordination, Nixon’s enemies list, FDR’s economic sabotage, Wilson’s race-baiting, and now Johnson’s strategic war planning.  Is there a bad presidential quality of the 20th century that he hasn’t picked up?


  1. Kristin says:

    I think it would behoove this administration to let the people on the ground and in the thick of it develop the blueprint for success. Protection for the Afghan people should be a no brainier and if that requires 40,000 more troops so be it. That’s what the general says he needs to win this war then give it to him and find the sumabitch already. The people hide the Taliban or keep quite out of fear. If they know they will have protection provided for by American Troops the hiding places the Taliban holds dear will all but vanish.

  2. Phelps says:

    I think that you are exactly on point. The thing that will win or lose this war is the same as Iraq — if the people there think we are going to stick it out or cut and run. The insurrection will fail as soon as the general population decide that we really aren’t going to leave without a win.

  3. Kevin Baker says:

    “Bush’s spending” cubed.

  4. Jeff Welin says:

    He (or at least his administration) seems to be picking up Nixon’s sensitivity to criticism.

  5. Phelps says:

    “Picking up”? He’s already got Fox on his Enemies List.