The Pentagon said it was never notified by U.S. intelligence agencies that they had intercepted emails between the alleged Fort Hood shooter and an extremist imam until after last week’s bloody assaults, raising new questions about whether the government could have helped prevent the attack.

The 9/10 Intelligence Wall is back.  Just like everyone warned would happen with a Democrat in the White House.

A person familiar with the matter said a Pentagon worker on a terrorism task force overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was told about the intercepted emails several months ago. But members of terror task forces aren’t allowed to share such information with their agencies, unless they get permission from the FBI, which leads the task forces.



  1. There never was a 9/10 “Intelligence Wall” stop letting incompetent beuracrats blame the fourth ammendment for their failure to do their jobs properly.

    This sort of crap also highlights the complete incoherence of the Republican party right now. On one hand we’re supposed to believe President Obama is one of history’s great dictators and is secretly plotting to transform the US into a Stalinist gulag. But on the other hand, any attempt to add oversight or checks and balances to the activities of the executive branch is trying to help the terrorists win.

  2. From the article, the person said they never even bothered to ask for permission to share the information. So what’s the message here? “We could have prevented the Fort Hood shooting, but that would have required filling out a form and, well, as a government employee I can hardly be expected to endure such hardship. Clearly civil liberties need to be infringed to accomodate my lazy ass.”

  3. Phelps says:

    If the information was already lawfully collected, then I don’t see the problem with distributing it. If they were illegally wiretapping him, that’s one thing. But that’s not the situation being presented here.

  4. The reason for the sharing process is to prevent the intelligence equivalent of a cop not being able to get a warrant and going across the street and phoning in a fake ‘anonymous tip’ to manufacture probable cause. The only way to make sure they aren’t illegally wiretapping is to have oversight. Not just let them do what they like and go on the honor system that they will never abuse their power.

  5. Phelps says:

    Well, in this case we know it wasn’t an illegal wiretap because he was an Army officer with security clearance. They have no privacy from wiretapping, it comes with the clearance. I fail to see how the FBI sharing intel with Army Intelligence has anything to do with the situation you described.

  6. I fail to see how making the intelligence guy write down ‘It’s okay to share this with the FBI because the subject consented to monitoring’ constitutes an “Intelligence Wall”. The fact is the Pentagon task force just didn’t consider this guy worth pursuing at the time. It wasn’t a case where they tried to share it and were blocked. They CHOSE not to share it. Now they’re trying to distract people from the fact they dropped the ball.

  7. Sorry, I got the FBI and the Pentagon reversed in the previous comment, although the point still stands.