Deniers and Skeptics

Let me see if I have the current state of the environment correct from the Believer side in light of the CRU scandal:

Minute changes in temperature are sufficient to show that the world is in terrifyingly huge danger.  Minute changes in temperature readings by researchers are insignificant and shouldn’t be thought about too hard.

The tree ring data is sufficiently accurate to base significant portions of the model on, except where we have actual measurements, where it has to be adjusted to a warmer reading every time.

Sure, CRU screwed its data up, but all of the other data from other researchers that matches CRU’s altered data is perfectly fine and above suspicion.

Destroying emails covered by government transparency laws and conspiring to violate those laws are no big deal and just how scientists work.  Releasing those emails, though, is a vicious violation of the conspirator’s privacy and whoever did it should be strung up.

You really don’t need to actually read any of the emails to opine in length on why they don’t matter.  You do, however, have to examine all of the data and have a complete understanding of the climate models before you dare question their integrity.

The science is settled, because there aren’t any peer reviewed dissenting papers.  Except for the ones that did get published, which resulted in the CRU cartel blacklisting the journal that published them, and the ones that almost got published, until the CRU cartel put pressure on their editors to prevent them from being published, including attempting to discover who the anonymous referees were so that they could be directly tampered with.

The emails, on a whole, only show the CRU cartel to be a little rude and vindictive, unlike the skeptics, who can’t be trusted because they are rude and vindictive.

I’m sure that there’s more, but that’s where I am so far.