Election Day

The only race the Democrats won was the one where there wasn’t a Republican candidate.

We’ve got a year to keep up the momentum — and build on it.  As the governator said in Predator, “if it bleeds, we can kill it.”  They’re bleeding tonight.


  1. Do you think the GOP can keep up pretending to care about limited government and individual liberty for another whole year? The Orrin Hatches are already starting to get rather wobbly.

  2. As long as the Tea Partiers keep the pressure on, the GOP will listen. It requires us to be active and vocal, and for once, joining the party, going to the blasted meetings and generally making a mouthy nuisance of ourselves.

    Unfortunately we can’t kick people like Pelosi out. I’m trying to get rid of Hoyer, but he actually represents me.

  3. Phelps says:

    SD: This is our concern, Dude.

    I’m actually not that sure that the GOP can. However, I have hope that the GOP (as we know them) can be sidelined and duly shamed into getting out of the way of the people who can. NY-23 had a lot of implications, and it had more implications for the GOP/RNC than for the Dems. They showed at the end that they at least heard (even if it was too late to save the race.) Perhaps the memory will last for more than a few weeks.

  4. mexigogue says:

    In the meantime, under a lame duck Democrat Governor, Michigan appears to be following the script of Atlas Shrugged. Then on the Lansing State journal message boards some idiot is saying the state needs to be saved by higher taxes. HAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!

  5. I was being sarcastic. There’s been no real change in the GOP and this whole limited government thing is purely about getting more R’s in office, not about any fundamental policy changes. I’ll start to believe when some of the usual suspects lose their leadership positions. I’ll start to believe when the GOP starts attacking some of the anti-liberty parts of its own base. I’ll start to believe when the GOP starts trying to pass pro-liberty laws rather than just obstruct anti-liberty ones (e.g. repeal the internet poker ban). I’ll start to believe when I hear the GOP addressing issues that are important to liberty but that don’t have a partisan hook (e.g. fighting ACTA).

  6. Well, if the GOP is serious about staying out of local primaries, I will be a happy girl.

    Mexi, that is totally laugh worthy. I warned my sister about O’Malley and his promise to raise taxes that the state would lose revenue. She didn’t believe me. The downturn of the Maryland economy is directly related to the higher taxes and all the people fleeing the state for Delaware.