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Stolen Valor


The Pentagon said it was never notified by U.S. intelligence agencies that they had intercepted emails between the alleged Fort Hood shooter and an extremist imam until after last week’s bloody assaults, raising new questions about whether the government could have helped prevent the attack.

The 9/10 Intelligence Wall is back.  Just like everyone warned would happen with a Democrat in the White House.

A person familiar with the matter said a Pentagon worker on a terrorism task force overseen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was told about the intercepted emails several months ago. But members of terror task forces aren’t allowed to share such information with their agencies, unless they get permission from the FBI, which leads the task forces.



It is so tough to be someone’s intellectual superior when he is out-reading you.

Lefties complain that conservatives sell too many books.

Best Inside Joke Ever

House + 80s = Prince George.

I was LMAO the whole time.

Obama and the Media

Obama just believed the hype.  See, he believed the “new Camelot” shit.  And he thought that if the media covered up for John Kennedy being a diplomatic lightweight who spent all his time whacked out on pills cheating on his wife with every woman that made the mistake of being alone in a room with him while starting Vietnam, well, golly, he shouldn’t have any trouble.

Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People

As soon as the House started the final vote for the day, Cao voted and dashed out the side of the chamber, plugging his ears in jest when reporters approached to find out what happened.

According to a written statement released later that night, Cao explained that Obama had promised to help out the lawmaker’s district still devastated from Hurricane Katrina.

“Today, I obtained a commitment from President Obama that he and I will work together to address the critical health care issues of Louisiana including the FMAP crisis and community disaster loan forgiveness, as well as issues related to Charity and Methodist Hospitals,” Cao wrote.

In other words,  Obama held Katrina victims hostage. If the Republican voted for his healthcare takeover, then he would look at sending some more aid.  If he didn’t get the vote he wanted, well, he didn’t care that much about them.

Obama is using Katrina as a political bludgeon in the most blatant fashion possible.

Hoyer admits Dems don’t have the votes for Pelosi Plan

Via Hot Air.

You know, I faithfully subscribe to the Napoleon quote that says, “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”  I feel like I can do that here, though, because there is absolutely no chance that my advice will be heeded.  So here goes: