Watkins seeks court order to halt Dallas County constable investigation

via Dallas Morning News.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins filed court papers late Thursday asking a judge to halt the county’s civil investigation into the employment practices of two constables.

Watkins argued in his request for a restraining order and injunction that county commissioners and their special investigator are exceeding their authority by conducting a criminal investigation of the offices of constables Derick Evans and Jaime Cortes, of Precincts 1 and 5.

Watkins said in the petition that only his office can investigate criminal matters and that investigator Danny Defenbaugh is hindering an investigation his office is conducting.

I’m a big Watkins supporter.  I fully support the Project Innocence work he has been doing, but if he’s going to turn around from that and start playing the good old boy games,  then I’ll do a 180 on him faster than that.

If he really is doing an investigation, and this is interfering with it, then I’m on his side.  If there is anything less than a 100% full court press going on from his office (and I’ve seen nothing to indicate anything like that) then this is bullshit of the highest order, and I hope he gets roped into the investigation.

You don’t get “crime points” for good acts.  You can’t do good things like free innocent men and think that this gives you the leeway to cover up for criminals.  We better see the fruits of the DA’s “investigation” really, really soon, or I’ll be added to the ranks of Watkins haters.  This doesn’t sound like an “investigation” from the DA’s office:

In a status report Defenbaugh wrote to Foster that is attached to Watkins’ petition, Defenbaugh wrote that he is trying not to interfere in any investigation the district attorney may be conducting. He said in the report that of the 52 people he’s interviewed, only two have had contact with the district attorney and only one of them gave a statement.

(My emphasis.)

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  1. Kristin says:

    I remember the news covering the towing company I would be REALLY surprised if kickbacks weren’t involved. I like Watkins as well I hope he plays this right which, will either cause him some problems with the police department or very likely get him re-elected with the public.