Cults of Personality

I think Palin is a good candidate and agree with almost everything that she does, but I am not waiting two or three hours to see her wave at me.  I’m not waiting in line to get a book signed.  I’m sure as hell not paying for a ticket to do that.  I wouldn’t do it in nice weather, and I’m sure as hell not doing it in THIS weather.  The only thing I would go out of my way to see is a campaign speech.  Anything else, and I’m just staying home.

Cults of personality don’t have a particular political philosophy.  They don’t even have to be intentionally created or nurtured.  I think it is just something in human nature that wants to glom onto charismatic people.  Apparently, that gene recessed in me.

One Comment

  1. I get neither thrills up my leg or tingles in my scalp when meeting someone famous. It would be worth going to an event where I knew I would get face time with the person and be able to ask questions, actually get to know them for a purpose.

    To just stand there so I can be impersonally waved at? Not so much.