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402 to 1

Epic Fail from the White House.

Edward Tufte has been appointed to the advisory panel to explain the stimulus spending. That part is Epic Win.  The Epic Fail is in appointing someone who actually will give transparency to it, and how much of a failure it is.  That’s got to be the last thing this administration wants.


Olbermann compares terrorists in our justice system to oppressed black Americans under Jim Crow.

The great example that a lot of law students have read this, the lawyer in “to kill a mockingbird” who is defending an african-american defendant. Did that make him popular in that small southern town? Absolutely not. But he explained to his children, I’ve got to do this as a matter of conscience.

Got that?  In Oblerworld, manipulating the system to put a terrorist where he can get access to state secrets and ferret them out to his fellow murderers is the same as defending a falsely accused black man under Jim Crow.



If the right wing is homophobic and secretly gay, wouldn’t it be homophobic to hate the right wing? And if we really wanted them to come out, wouldn’t the first step to that be to stop making fun of them as soon as they do?


Red beer

I now await the hate mail from lovers of Bud Lite.

Don’t worry, Mikey, Bud Light drinkers can’t read and we won’t tell them.

Details of “Einstein” Cyber Shield Disclosed by White House – Digits – WSJ

Total Information Awareness, a program designed to monitor everything on the internet, in order to protect us from terrorists trying to kill us was, in fact, a gross violation of civil rights and decried by everyone.

“Einstein”, a program designed to monitor everything on the internet, in order to protect us from a script kiddie hacking youtube, source of hilarious videos of turtles humping shoes, is only a gross violation of civil rights if you are a racist.

And don’t miss the irony of naming a program that the Gestapo would have loved to have had after a jew who fled to America from the Gestapo.