Tasers are so safe that if you just point one at a cop, three of them will shoot you dead.

To be clear, I don’t think the problem is that the guy got shot.  The problem is that the police want to use a device on us whenever we even use passive resistance, but will respond with deadly force if you threaten to use it on them.


  1. They probably wouldn’t like you trying to stab them with a pencil, either. I don’t know what kind of Taser it was, but I’ve seen them look an awful lot like a handgun. Pointing a handgun-looking thing at police, after you delivered a beat-down to a COP? That’s a shootin.


    Chicks on patrol: usually a bad idea
    Not training COPs well enough to enable them to retain a weapon during a struggle: also a bad idea
    Breaking out the Taser when you’re in baton range: also a bad idea