Wave of violence by political extremists

Okay, so first we have a communist “right-wing” college professor shooting up the faculty at her workplace.  (Never mind that she already killed her own brother and walked on that because the Democrat DA didn’t think there was anything to it.)

Next we have a communist manifesto quoting, anti-corporate “right-winger” who flies his plane into the IRS building in an act of None-Dare-Call-It-Terrorism.

Now we have a couple of “right-wingers” who kill themselves and try to kill their kids, only not killing one kid through sheer incompetence, because they are afraid of Manbearpig Global Warming.

I didn’t make a big deal out of the first one other than pointing out that we would be hearing non-stop about it if she hadn’t been a dyed in the wool leftist.  And I only noted how eager the left wing and the Establishment Media (but I repeat myself) were to paint the second as a “teabagger.”  But now, this has gotten to the point of a pattern.

Lefists are more violent than the right wing.  Always have been.  The right wing may be better equipped for violence, but that is primarily diligence against the insane left. Now, when the left has what it has always thought it wanted (it’s X-Ray Glasses) and they have found out that there’s no magic way to see everyone’s underwear, they are lashing out.  First the crazies, and next, the “I never knew they were crazies.”


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  2. Crotalus says:

    “…communt ‘right winger’…”

    Wait, what?

  3. What doesn’t fit the narrative simply can not be. Therefore, all violence is perpetrated by redneck conservatives with legal weapons.