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Note to John McCain

Phil Hare

Phil Hare doesn’t care about the Constitution.

I think that this is really the division in this country.

People on my side see the constitution as the most important protection I have from government.

People on the other side see the constitution as the biggest obstruction to protecting me from myself.

There are no problems in this country that cannot be solved within the constitution that we have.  None. In fact, the majority of the problems that we have are a result of the fallacious notion that we do.

Anyone who has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, and then says, “I don’t care about the constitution” should be impeached.  Perhaps it is time to increase that oath from “once when you are sworn in” to “every morning before Congress meets.”


via Dallas Morning News:

Regardless of whether Dallas officials decide to charge Erykah Badu with a crime for getting naked in Dealey Plaza last month, city law ought to be strengthened to prevent similar incidents, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway said Thursday.

Caraway, chairman of the Dallas City Council’s Public Safety Committee, said he wants to examine whether tough penalties, such as a hefty fine, could be established for people who produce a film for profit in the city without the proper permits.

Way to establish your priorities, guys.

It’s about the money.  It’s always about the money.