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Miss Him Yet?

Dallas DA knew of alleged towing payments to constable’s office

You know, I was big on Craig Watkins when he started releasing wrongly convicted men.  I’m still big on that.  But between his (probable) scamming on his campaign finances and the new info that he’s been burying the constables of Dallas preying on poor people and stealing their cars under the color of law, I don’t think I can support him.

It is vitally important to release people wrongly convicted from jail.  The Innocence Project doesn’t have to have the DA’s help to do that, and it certainly doesn’t need it at the expense of protecting highwaymen with badges who extort towing fees from poor people, and steal cars they see driving by if the whim strikes them.

The Real Secret Police

The IRS Hitman TV Show:

Here’s the thing.  Everyone reading this — every single one — knows someone who’s life has been wrecked by the IRS.  Everyone knows someone who had serious tax problems, usually someone trying to run their own small business.  (I know several.)

Thing is, when was the last time you saw a news report about it?  An editorial?  You hear about things that hardly anyone is effected by, but no stories get done about IRS abuses.  We all know someone who has been abused by the IRS, but that doesn’t seem to ever hit the Establishment Media.

The answer is simple.  If you are a reporter, or a columnist, and you start writing about IRS abuse, you will receive a visit from the taxman.  You’ll be the subject of a “random” audit.  It’s naked abuse, and I hope that this show goes a little bit towards breaking the menace of silence.  These people can’t withstand sunlight.

Open Letter to Marriott

I am a Rewards member with over 50 membership nights.  I was appalled to read that Marriott tolerates openly hostile attitudes towards large blocks of its patrons such as the attempt to place NRA convention members at criminal liability in Charlotte, NC.

If Marriott tolerates managers pursuing personal political vendettas at the expense of its patrons, I will avoid Marriott properties at all cost, lest I be the next victim of a manager’s whim.

o rly?

Bear Cavalry

Civil Rights Fail

“No reasonable person would dispute that a black man walking into a retail store is highly disruptive conduct which is virtually certain to create a disturbance. This is so because when employees and shoppers in retail stores see a black person, they are likely to be frightened and possibly even panicky. many employees and shoppers are likely to think that the black person is either deranged or about to commit a felony or both. Further, it is almost certain that someone will call the police. And when police respond to a “black man” call, they have no idea what the black individual’s intentions are. The volatility in such a situation could easily lead to someone being seriously injured or killed.”

The precedent has been set.