Times Square bomb scare

So someone tried to  blow up Times Square:

Inside the SUV, cops found dozens of M-88 firecrackers, three tanks of BBQ-style propane, two red plastic jugs of gasoline and a metal locker densely packed with eight supermarket bags of fertilizer.

The whole shebang was wired to two cheap yellow old-fashioned travel alarm clocks set to work in tandem – one to blow up the propane tanks and the other to explode the contents of the locker.

What the hell?  Here’s your suspect profile — you are looking for Wile E. Coyote.  Put all the roadrunners in New York on alert.

Kelly said experts are investigating why the bomb didn’t detonate.

Here’s a clue — it didn’t detonate because he bought all the parts from ACME.

This guy was a dingleberry, but VBIEDs are terribly easy to make.  Any redneck who has blown up stumps on the back 40 knows how to make an SUV go boom with stuff he can buy at Walmart.  In fact, this bomb was so bad I have to wonder if the intent ever was for it to actually blow up. It sounds more like a training device for law enforcement.  Fertilizer would trip chemical sniffers, but the grade wasn’t high enough to explode, and there was no fuel oil or nitromethane, which is a vital part of a fertilizer/fuel bomb.  The fireworks should trip black powder detectors.  As for the timer, does it get any more obvious than two yellow My First Detonator clocks?

There was no test done of this device, because this device would never have passed the test.  This wasn’t the Taliban or Al Queda.  They know how to make VBIEDs.  This is either some sort of training exercise gone wrong, or someone trying to give the appearance of an attack without actually killing anyone.  Or, the world’s worst terrorist since the panty bomber who only managed to burn his dick off.


  1. Kristin says:

    The person was probably trying to show that we are not safe and lookie look if I can place a bomb in Time Square so can the real terrorist. This is the same as the Anthrax scare some home grown terrorist that is pissed and trying to prove a point.

  2. Phelps says:

    If that was the purpose then he failed. Even the Anthrax guy (whoever he was) managed to be credible by actually giving people anthrax.