Boris Johnson tells Barack Obama: Stop bashing Britain


  1. R says:

    “Leave BP ALONE!!!!!” /internetmeme

  2. If the Obama administration started using state power to threaten people criticizing GM because it weakens the value of the government owned portions of it, you’d be screaming bloody murder.

    But when the UK government starts making the same threats and demands we overlook BP’s criminal behavior, you’re all for it because it makes Obama look bad.

    Once again, there’s no principle too important that it can’t be dispensed with in the name of partisanship.

  3. Phelps says:

    Exactly what crime did they commit again?

    My concern is much less for BP than it is that our President is letting rank bigotry against the British wreck 100 years of diplomacy.

  4. If I maybe excused for going based on PA law (I would assume most states have similar offenses defined): involuntary manslaughter, risking or causing a catastrophe, theft by unlawful disposition, and theft of leased property.

    We know that for nearly 10 years, BP’s internatl investigations have complained of systemic disregard for safety that was likely to lead to an accident if not corrected. We know that specifically in the case of the deepwater horizon rig they’re know for almost a year that their were serious construction flaws at the base of the rig. BP knew all this and chose to ignore it. Their reckless behavior led to the event, and they should be held criminally responsible.

  5. Phelps says:

    None of that takes into account that all of this happened in international waters under a Marshall Islands flag. If Transocean wants to sue them for wrecking their property, then that is still a civil matter, as is any damages for the environmental encroachment.

    I’m really surprised to see a libertarian arguing that we should be prosecuting accidents with no mens rae as crimes simply because the alleged is unpopular. I honestly thought the idea that environmental control could be managed wholly by civil courts and not in criminal courts was a fairly undisputed libertarian tenet.

  6. 1.) It wasn’t an accident. The platform wasn’t damaged by a storm or an earthquake or some other unforseen event. BP failed to properly maintain their equipment, which then failed catastrophically.
    2.) There was mens rae: recklessness. The distinction between negligence and recklessness is generally where the line between civil and criminal liability is drawn.
    3.) By theft by unlawful disposition and theft of leased property I didn’t mean transocean, I meant the various land and lease holders who have had the value of their property destroyed by BP’s spill.
    4.) No, being libertarian does not mean corporations can do whatever the hell they want and face no criminal liability for it.

  7. Phelps says:

    So we’re throwing the corporation in jail? And it wasn’t an accident? You think it was planned? “Okay, George, remember to get all the assholes from the ping pong club down to B deck for the 11:30 catastrophic explosion. I hate those guys.”

    I just don’t see this getting the point of reckless, when they were getting regular safety awards from American regulatory agencies. This whole recklessness accusation smacks of tautology to me — “your recklessness caused it to fail. Why do you say it was reckless? because it failed, therefore you were reckless.” Sorry, that isn’t how it works.

    As for conversion, that’s a huge stretch. You are slipping way, way into cramming the law to fit what you think is an unjust situation, instead of what the law actually is. You’re arguing for a nation of men, not a nation of laws.

    Set aside the emotion, and look at this for what it is. It’s an accident that has caused an ecological catastrophe. It isn’t fucking Lex Luthor or whoever those douches were in Captain Planet. Sure, it could have been prevented, all accidents can be prevented. Yes, it’s a catastrophe, which is going to cost a lot of money to clean up. Yes, people died. Roughnecking offshore is even more dangerous that onshore, and those guys knew it.

    Settle down or get a helmet.

  8. Accident or plan aren’t the only two options. This situation is the equivalent of firing a gun into the air and hitting some random person when the bullet comes down. Sure you didn’t plan to shoot them, but the risk is so obvious that you’re criminally responsible for it.

    This is how I define reckless:

    When your aware your managers a routinely ignoring your own safety policies and do nothing, that’s reckless
    When your drilling rig has a long history of spills, fires, and safety citations and you do nothing, that’s reckless
    When you know that current cementing technology creates a risk of hydrate destabilization in deepwater and you keep using it in one of the world’s biggest deepwater hydrate pockets, that’s reckless